This series is called Faceing Death.
It is about putting a literal DIFFERENT face to Death than the ones we have been conditioned to see.
I tried to choose as many diverse cultures as I could while keeping the paintings to 13. 13 because it is lunar, feminine and that was an important aspect in this journey.. and because this is what Death wants
. I have finished 9 of 13 as of the Spring COVID19 Pandemic.  Not for sale until I'm finished with them all.


These images are about a journey with this Being(s). They do not reflect others ideas, traditional roles or visages. It is about changing how we view  Death- making it not scary & not male. It's about new ways of viewing this Being - one where DEATH decided it needed to happen. Of ALL the divine beings I have ever had a relationship with, Death is the most constant. This is saying a lot for I have been a Pagan & a Priestess of the Old Gods for more than 30 years.