Oracle Art

Oracle Art is sacred. It is divination through creativity. While there are many way to go about this, my process is fast. The whole thing must be done in under 60 minutes. I set a timer. That way there can be no room for 'oh, that arm needs a little more shading to *look* right". It's not enough about the art to be refined. It's about *feelings* *SEEING* It is imprecise and unapologetically RAW.

Sometimes all I have to go on is a name.  Other times, a question is posed to me. I set up the canvas and have supplies near by.  I never know what colors or techniques will come about. I allow whatever needs to happen, to happen.

I get in an altered state of consciousness and *lean into* the person or question.  Answers come.

Acestral Debt J.S..jpg
Ancestral Debt. J.S. 2020
Anchoring K.S

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